PC Management

The user-friendly management software can automatically detect connected CANopen Diag units and provide access to files, logs, trace recording and test files. It allows easy download and synchronization of new firmware and test files.

Mutiple CANopen Diag units can be managed at once using a single copy of the application. Each Diag is uniquely identified.

Adding new tests to the Diag from our online database is as simple as opening the tests window, updating the list then choose which tests to copy to the Diag.

For each test the complete test details can be viewed. This shows every state and how the test moves between the different states. The test states can be exported to be used in product testing documentation.

Results from executing tests are displayed in the management software. All test results are automatically detected and presented in the user interface. Each test result file contains a checksum generated by the Diag, which can be used to ensure results files have not been tampered with.

Diag test results

CAN bus trace logs can be displayed with standard CANopen or CiA447 message interpretation. Timing analysis can be performed to measure times between any messages.

Diag trace recording

Event log recordings are shown in the management software and can be exported to CSV files for documentation or further analysis.