Embbeded Networking Security Consulting and Software

Our engineers have been working on embedded security solutions since 2014. They are regular participants in the SIG (Special Interest Group) CAN/CANopen Security and have published several articles about Embedded Ransomware (CAN-Newsletter) and other embedded security aspects (embedded blog).

In spring 2017, we published our book “Implementing Scalable CAN security with CANcrypt” and free software demos illustrating the security concepts of the CANcrypt framework (www.CANcrypt.net). The first public application including security review of CANcrypt is a secure bootloader system for the NXP LPC54618 (NXP Webinar).

CAN system security

Any new development using embedded networks such as CAN, CAN-FD or any of the higher layer protocols like CANopen or J1939 should also focus on security aspects. Even if the network is considered closed at the time of development and has no “obvious” gateways to other networks: You cannot always rule out that at some point in the future a service technician installs remote access or diagnostics device to make his job easier. Or that a new device is officially developed and added to the network that offers similar access options due to market pressure.  Especially if firmware update support through a bootloader is somewhere on the horizon, ensure right from the start that only authorized parties can activate it in the first place.

We provide software security solutions for lightweight communication channels and bootloading scenarios. Contact us to find out how we can help.