CANopen Software Downloads

We provide some free software and utilities that are of use to Embedded Systems engineers. Some may require a CAN interface from PEAK.

CANopen File Player

Our file player can replay in real-time various files onto the CAN bus. It requires a PEAK CAN interface. Supported formats include:

This allows quick and easy reproduction of background traffic for standardizing testing, analysis of previous network operation and debugging of networks. Files can be played at full speed or singles-stepped through to play one message at a time.

The Concise DCF CSV file option allows sophisticated test sequences to be constructed, including sequences for interacting with bootloaders, with support for:

For full details of the concise DCF CSV file format used and it's capabilities please see appendix A of the user manual.

Download your copy of CANopen File Player now.

CANopen Architect EDS Editor and Checker

The trial version of our CANopen Architect EDS editor can be used as an Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) checker.

Simply import the EDS (or DCF) then click on the toolbar icon to check the file. Files can be checked against CiA301 and optionally against a variety of device profiles. The checker output can be copied and pasted into reports, text files and emails for documentation and sharing.

Export of binary configurations used for our products is also supported.

Request your trial of CANopen Architect Evaluation now.

CANopen Magic Trials

CANopen Magic is a versatile software tool to monitor, analyze, trace, configure, simulate and test CANopen and CANopen FD networks and devices. It contains functions for the entire lifetime of a CANopen network: from development and test to system integration and performance analysis. Use sophisticated trace filtering and node access to monitor, analyze and test all aspects of your network. Simulate nodes that are still under development.

We offer fully-functional trials so you can pick the right version for your needs!

Try CANopen Magic now.

The PEAK-System CAN and CAN-FD Bitrate Calculation Tool

From PEAK-System Technik. A bit Rate Calculation Tool for iOS, Android, and Windows. This cost-free tool determines the register values of a CAN, CAN FD, or SJA1000 controllers for user-defined CAN and CAN FD bit rates.

CANopenIA Libraries and Archives

CANopenIA provides Instant Access to CANopen networks by simplifying the implementation process of CANopen devices. A dedicated CANopen chip or a CANopen module are used to implement the entire CANopen communication protocol.

CANopenIA-MGR PCAN Library Evaluation

Operates a smart manager from a library. The manager can automatically detect PDOs to receive by interrogating nodes found on the network. It provides a straightforward API for integration into C, C++ and .NET applications.

Visit the CANopenIA website to download.

CANgineBerry for Windows and Linux

CANgineBerry - Active CANcrypt and CANopen module for Raspberry Pi and other embedded computing plattforms.

The CANgineBerry CANopen is an active CAN co-processor module that uses a regular UART communication channel towards the host system. With its independent 32-bit microcontroller, the CANgineBerry can easily execute CAN protocols with tough timing demands such as CANcrypt or CANopen with response times of under 10 ms.

Visit the CANgineBerry website to download.

CAN Books

To access the support files for our books click on the relevant link below.

Visit the Embedded Networking with CAN and CANopen website to download.

Visit the CANcrypt website to download.

Compliance Documents

Certificate of RoHS 2 Compliance