Free Online Classes

View the list of current classes available online. These are extracted from our more comprehensive multi-day training classes and give a good, quick introduction into the topic covered by them.

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CANopen Test Library

View our collection of CiA301 (CANopen) and CiA447 (Car Add-On Devices, aka. OneBox) tests, which can be used with our CANopen Diag test system.

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CANopen Project Files

View our collection of CANopen project files, which can be used with our CANopen Magic and CANopen Architect anaylsis and development tools.

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Microcontroller & Serial Bus Calculators

View the list of calculators we have available for working out timing requirements and register values.

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Code Examples

View our code example programs for embedded microcontrollers and their peripherals.

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Technical Articles and Documents

View our technical articles and documents. Current articles cover topics such as CAN and CANopen topics and standards, 8051 coding and debugging tips & tricks, using Flash programming in embedded systems, memory testing and introductory C issues.

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Book Recommendations

View our recommendations for books related to embedded systems development.

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