CANopen Diag

The CANopen Diag is a compact, hand-held diagnostic and test device for entire CANopen networks as well as for single Devices Under Test (DUT). Being a dedicated hand-held device the CANopen Diag is especially suited for in-the-field use to perform diagnostic functions directly at machinery or vehicles.

The diagnostic functions provided include functions for the physical layer and generic CAN as well as dedicated CANopen functions. For the application profile CiA 447 several add-on functions are available.

The CANopen Test Machine engine allows the execution of graph based test scripts with accurate timing.

CANopen Diag in car

Physical layer and generic CAN diagnostics

Bus load monitor

Diag bus loadThe CANopen Diag features a CAN Bus Load monitor that continously samples the CAN network (frequency depends on bitrate) and displays the average / maximum bus load over time.

Pin monitor

The volatage level at the pins can be continouyls monitored. Alram levels can be set to sound an alarm if a voltage level leaves a pre-defined window of values.

Bus logger

In logging mode, the CANopen Diag logs all CANbus traffic for later analysis.


The screen shot below illustrates the functions provided by the build-in oscilloscope.

Network status overview

CANopen Diag Status

Displays a current, overall network overview: Number of nodes found, number of boot-up messages, current bus load, longest message burst, SYNC usage, SDO usage, LSS usage.

For nodes found: NMT status, message load generated by node, node info where available (e.g. names of Virtual Devices implemented by a device) min/max heartbeat, min/max SDO response times, current message rate.

One of several display detail modes can be chosen, from a minimal, icon based display for layman users to a deatiled mode for experts showing all numbers.


The CANopen Diag is delivered with a printed manual and packed in a portable casing, all software files are on the USB memory of the device. The provided CANopen Diag Manager software provides access to all files of the CANopen Diag (firmware versions, bootloader files, Concise DCF, CANopen Test Machine files, logs, event history, test results, screen saves). The software has access to all file versions published on our server, allowing the installation of the latest or a specific version (to re-create a previous test) of the firmware or test files

The CiA 447 version comes in a rugged casing with additional cabling and a PEAK PCAN-USB Pro CAN interface.