CiA447 Car Add-On Devices Support

When ordered with the CiA 447 add-on, the system offers various additional functions dedicated to CiA 447. The additional SDO channels and the wake-up sleep mechanism is monitored and all traces include CiA 447 symbol interpretation.

Enchancements to Existing Functions

The status monitor and event history includes CiA 447 specific data and events. The monitored data includes Virtual Device information and statistics about the individual SDO clients.

The network scanner scans for CiA 447 specific information such as the Virtual Device information.

The CANopen Diag Manager software can interpret traces from the continuous logger with CiA 447 symbolic data representation.

Some Concise Device Configuration Files and tests for the Test Machine offer specific CiA 447 support.

CiA 447 Tester

The CANopen Diag hand held module can be set into a CiA 447 tester mode, as defined by the CiA 447 doucments. Selecting this function starts a CiA 447 tester node running within CANopen Diag. It becomes an active node on the CANopen network and if no default node ID is chosen in the “CANopen Settings”, it waits for the gateway to detect it and assign a node ID to it dynamically. The tester can produce undirected or directed background traffic of different load levels.

Diag tester mode

Wild 13 Mode

The wild 13 mode is an extreme stress test for the gateway or another DUT. In this mode, there are multiple tester nodes. Go to the local menu by pressing the dial to activate Wild 13 mode and select 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 or 13 representing the number of additional tester nodes that should run simultaneously.

To further increase the stress for the DUT, the tester in wild 13 mode will also duplicate SDO requests sent to the DUT. Where the tester in standard mode uses one SDO client to read from the DUT, in wild 13 mode the DUT will receive read requests from up to 14 nodes – one tester and 13 duplicates.