ESAcademy's CANopen Test Machine

Our “CANopen Test Machine” allows definition of complex test sequences using multiple timers, buffers and CAN messages. The tests are state diagram based and can be created using Microsoft Visio. A conversion macro and compiler provided by us, generates the executable test file. The documentation for each test is auto-generated and lists all states and all possible state transitions.

CANopen Diag can execute these test sequences and store the results in log files. The system is delivered with a selection of dedicated test sequences. ESAcademy and their partners continously work on further test sequences which will be available to CANopen Diag users as downloads from our server.

The test machine on the CANopen Diag runs with an accuracy of one millisecond and reactions to messages received also happen within a millisecond. This accuracy allows the CANopen Diag to not only execute logical tests but also performance tests.

Diag test machine states