One Week CANopen Training With Prototyping

Train your engineers, get a complete CANopen development system and have your custom CANopen prototype running within one week and for a flat rate. Guaranteed!

The Embedded Systems Academy offers a flat-fee CANopen prototyping service that includes a complete CANopen development system as well as on-site and off-site training and consulting. Within one week the tutor and the students implement the prototype of a CANopen slave node modified to fit the customer's target application.

This service drastically cuts development time for engineering teams with minimal or zero knowledge about CANopen. Within one week engineers do not only learn about CAN and CANopen in training classes, in the following consulting session the students and the tutor work together to implement a CANopen prototype matching the application.

Typical timeline of an on-site training and consulting visit

2-6 weeks prior to the on-site visit:

Customer submits adequate specifications of the communication requirements and schedules an appointment for the on-site visit. Depending on the existing knowledge of the participating students, our tutor suggests a customized training agenda.

Depending on the requirements outlined we recommend an adequate CANopen development system for this application. Typically CANopen Magic Ultimate with MicroCANopen Plus, CANopenIA or 447izer are used.

First days of the on-site visit:

Depending on the students' experience, the first 1-3 days are used for a customized CAN and CANopen training class. From our pool of training materials we only select those sessions required to bring a particular audience to the required level of CAN and CANopen knowledge.

Remaining days of the on-site visit:

The remaining days are used to implement the CANopen slave node as specified. Together, students and tutor modify the CANopen source code to meet the communication demands of the application.

After the on-site visit:

The tutors of ESAcademy provide continuous support of up to 16 hours in total to help via email or phone with remaining issues or problems related to CAN or CANopen or any of the development tools listed in the fine print.

Terms, Availability and 1-Week Guarantee

The service outlined above includes the CANopen Magic Ultimate development system and a PCAN USB CAN Adapter. The CANopen source code used for developments is the performance optimized MicroCANopen Plus. Contact us for pricing information.

The service includes:

50% of the service fee is due one week prior to the on-site visit. Embedded Systems Academy reserves the right to cancel and re-schedule a visit, if this payment is not received. The remaining 50% are due NET 30 after the implementation of the prototype.

Availability of this service is limited to the schedule of our tutors and the specific application demands. We have a total of three tutors capable of delivering this service.

If implementing the prototype is not completed within the 1-week on-site visit, our tutors will continue to work on the implementation off-site at no additional cost until the prototype is completed.

Fine Print

The 1-week guarantee of having a customized CANopen slave node up and running is subject to the following limitations:

The guarantee only applies to the code doing the actual CANopen communication, not the application code that produces the data or works on the data. However, adequate function or data interfaces will be provided for the application.

The guarantee does not apply to a customized hardware. Prototyping is done using the simulation environment of CANopen Magic Ultimate. If adequate embedded development tools are provided for the target architecture, part of the consulting time can be used to make the transition to the target hardware. Preferably an evaluation board of the target architecture used is made available.

Customer supplies adequate specifications for the communication requirements of one CANopen slave node at least 2 weeks prior to the on-site visit.
The specification includes a list of all network variables communicated and when/how they need to be communicated.
Depending on the number of network variables, not all of them might be implemented for the prototype. Once a set of variables is implemented, adding or modifying variables is straight-forward and can be done by the students after the on-site visit.

The final, application-specific 1-week implementation guarantee will be part of an official quote that Embedded Systems Academy will submit after knowing the application specific communication requirements. Due to the flexibility and power of CANopen, the guarantee might not cover all required functions and/or variables of a particular application.

Please contact us to schedule your week of CANopen prototyping!