Mortar BoardTraining

We specialize in customized in-house training classes.

The majority of our training classes are "hands-on" and involve a PC and dedicated training hardware, usually a microcontroller training board. For CANopen we offer a 1-week training and consulting combination with prototype implementation guarantee.

Please contact us with your requests and we will try to accommodate your needs.

"The ESAcademy® hands-on training classes significantly shorten the learning-curve for new embedded designs. Participants program real-world examples on the latest development tools and gain invaluable knowledge to reduce their own project start-up phase"
 - Geoff Lees, NXP Semiconductors

Available Training Classes

The ESAcademy® covers a broad range of topics with its training classes. Our most popular classes are:


Microcontroller Architectures for which we offer classes

Generic issues with Embedded Designs

Development Tools used in our classes (class depending)

Project Kickstart In-House Classes

Our specialty is a "project-kickstart" where one of our consultants visits you for 1-2 weeks. The first days will be spend on a customized training where we try to fill exactly those knowledge gaps that you and your team might have. The rest of the stay will be spend  implementing early prototypes (usually based on Phytec Rapid Development Kits) that implement the required CAN or CANopen communication routines.

How much can be achieved in what time is highly application and team specific. However, during a recent one-week consulting visit we were able to have the CANopen communication completely setup and running for two different prototypes within one week, shaving off 4 weeks of the development schedule involving 6 engineers.

Please contact us with your requests and we will try our best to accommodate your needs and customize our classes depending on the knowledge already available with our engineering team.

Individual Training and Interships

Unfortunately we do not provide training to individuals or intern positions. Our training is for corporate clients looking to train several engineers at once at the client's location.