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We specialize in customized in-house training classes.

The majority of our training classes are "hands-on" and involve a PC and dedicated training hardware, usually a microcontroller training board. For CANopen we offer a 1-week training and consulting combination with prototype implementation guarantee.

Please contact us with your requests and we will try to accommodate your needs.

"The ESAcademy® hands-on training classes significantly shorten the learning-curve for new embedded designs. Participants program real-world examples on the latest development tools and gain invaluable knowledge to reduce their own project start-up phase"
 - Geoff Lees, NXP Semiconductors

Available Training Classes

The ESAcademy® covers a broad range of topics with its training classes. Our most popular classes are:

CANopen (FD) Training Blocks

In addition to the set classes we offer training blocks.

90 Minute Basic Training Blocks

Order Code Content Hands-on
Wiring, termination, bit rates, protocol layers, bus characteristics, signal levels, EMI, bit coding/stuffing/construction, sample point, frame formats, bus access & arbitration, error detection and handling, CRC, bus off, CAN FD, bit rate switching, design tips, protection circuits.
ES-TRB-COCH CAN and CAN FD Programming
Differences in CAN (FD) controller implementations, buffering, driver requirements and implementation, testing and analyzing
Using NXP LPCxxx board, oscilloscope, CANopen Magic
ES-TRB-COCO CANopen (FD) Basics and Object Dictionary (OD)
Data addressing in CANopen, Object Dictionary layout, mandatory entries, device and application profiles, Electronic Data Sheets EDS/DCF/XDD/XDC, Object Dictionary Regions/Types/Arrays/Records, details on mandatory entries.
Using CANopen Architect EDS Editor
ES-TRB-COSD Service Data Object (SDO) and Universal SDO (USDO)
SDO objectives, used CAN IDs, terminology expedited, segmented, blocked. USDO objectives, used CAN IDs, terminology, expedited, segmented, bulk transfer, unicast, broadcast. Multi-networking across bridges.
Using CANopen Magic Ultimate simulation
ES-TRB-COPD Process Data Object (PDO) Communication and Mapping
Service objectives, predefined connection, linking, trigger time/event/inhibit/synchronized. Mapping of PDO data, dynamic vs static, recommendations
Using CANopen Magic Ultimate simulation
ES-TRB-COMT CANopen (FD) NMT, HB, EMCY, LSS, minimal Manager
CANopen Network Management states / FSA, Heartbeats, Emergencies, Layer Setting Services, manager requests, error transitions, configuration.
Using CANopen Magic Ultimate simulation
ES-TRB-COCD CANopen (FD) challenges and diagnostics
Traps, implementation options, node id setting, code updates, object dictionary layout, protocol choices, diagnostics.
Using CANopen Magic Ultimate simulation, oscilloscope

90 Minute Advanced Training Blocks

Order Code Content Hands-on
ES-TRB-COPO CANopen (FD) device, application and manufacturer-specific profiles
OD entries added by profiles, adding data types, custom OD layout recommendation.
Using CANopen Architect EDS Editor
ES-TRB-COSO CANopen (FD) safety and security options
Summary and introduction to available protocols adding safety and security to CANopen (FD) communication.
ES-TRB-COBO CANopen (FD) bootloading
Implementation options, challenges and traps of CANopen (FD) bootloader activation/support/security.

Customized Training Blocks

Order Code Content Hands-on
ES-TRB-COAP Applying CANopen (FD) to a customer-specific application Available for private/closed classes only: adapting a manufacturer specific application to CANopen (FD). Optional: Implementation options hardware/software. Optional
ES-TRB-COSR CANopen (FD) implementation with Micro CANopen Plus Implementing a CANopen (FD) device using the Micro CANopen Plus source code. Using CANopen Architect EDS Editor & MCOP sources

CiA447 Car Add-on Devices

Customized CiA447 training classes are available on request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Visit our video section for training videos and webinar recordings.

Individual Training and Internships

Unfortunately we do not provide training to individuals or intern positions. Our training is for corporate clients looking to train several engineers at once at the client's location or online.