CANopen for Development Engineers

A 1-day hands-on training class about the design, implementation and test of CANopen nodes and networks.

Development of CANopen nodes based on MicroCANopen Plus, using a PC simulation platform as well as various embedded evaluation boards.

ESAcademy offer this efficient hands-on training class for CANopen Development Engineers.


For engineers and programmers who want to be able to develop their own customized CANopen nodes or design their own CANopen networks with customized nodes.


Time Day 1
8:00AM - 8:30AM Registration, welcome
8:30AM - 10:00AM Summary and review of CANopen features.
Major differences of CAN interfaces as implemented by various chip manufacturers.
Hands-on: introduction to the tools provided for this class.
10:00AM - 10:15AM Break
10:15AM - 12:00PM CANopen source code/library configuration for MicroCANopen Plus or MicroCANopen Classic.
Hands-on: basic CANopen node development.
12:00PM - 1:00PM Lunch
1:00PM - 2:45PM Hands-on: advanced CANopen node development.
Hands-on: porting code to different environments.
2:45PM - 3:00PM Break
3:00PM - 4:30PM Hands-on: design, commission and test of an entire network.
4:30PM - 4:50PM Summary and outlook.
Questions and answers.


CANopen knowledge is required for this class. We recommend to take the CANopen for Network Administrators class before attending this class.

Hands-On setup (class dependent)

The software packages used for this class are the free CANopen Magic ProS Eval, the development system CANopen Magic ProS and compiler systems from Borland, Keil and/or Fujitsu. CANopen Magic ProS can be used for configuration and analysis of networks as well to hook-up customized CANopen nodes simulated on a PC. Hardware provided and used includes a PEAK PCAN-USB CAN interface, a Keil ARM7 evaluation board and/or the PEAK MicroMod evaluation board. Each workstation is shared by two students. Students immediately review each other ensuring that the class progress is not hindered by typographical errors.


This class does not include a certification test. However, it prepares all students to take the “CANopen Network Administrator Certification Test” offered by ESAcademy. An extra certification fee applies when requesting the certificate.


All training material is in English language. Classes are taught in English or German depending on location and participants.


The classes are taught by either Olaf Pfeiffer or Christian Keydel, tutors at ESAcademy. Both are co-authors of the book “Embedded Networking with CAN and CANopen”. They regularly present at international events such as the Real-Time and Embedded Computing Conferences, the Embedded Systems Conferences and the international CAN conferences.


The pricing is location dependent. Multiple student or early sign-up (more than 4 weeks before the event) discounts are available upon request.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to the event, otherwise tuition is non-refundable. A 15% rescheduling fee applies, if student needs to reschedule within 2 weeks prior to the event.