ARM Cortex-M0/M3/M4 Training

Our manufacturer independent training classes feature both an introduction to the Cortex-MX architecture as well as a technical comparison of popular derivatives.

With ARM one has many choices: there are many manufacturers for chips, compilers, debuggers and software libraries and source codes like Real-Time Operating Systems and communication stacks (for Ethernet, CAN, USB and others). Of course there are performance differences between all of those, however, it is generally underestimated how sever these differences can be.

Making all the "good" choices versus making all the "bad" choices may result in differences of up to a factor of 50 (fifty). Meaning that at the same core frequency the "good" version executes 50 times faster than the "bad" version.

Participate in this training class to learn what the major technical differences between selected chips, compilers and libraries are.


Note: times are estimates and can vary as this seminar is available as half-day as well as a full-day seminar.

Time Class Topic
60min - 120min Introduction to the ARM Cortex architecture (ARM, Interrupts, Pipeline, code efficiency, Thumb/ARM32, AMBA/AHB/APB) with brief comparison to other ARM processors.
30min - 60min Overview of Development Tools, GNU Programming Hints, Measuring Program Execution Times with Keil's Simulator.
90min - 120min Technical Comparison of implementations from different manufacturers (On-chip memory performance, interrupt controller, selected peripherals).
45min - 90min Programming Hints and Libraries: Watchdog Multiplexing (task monitoring), Continuous Diagnostics (Error Logs), Real-Time Operating Systems.
15min - 30min Summarized Results of Performance Comparisons, why at the same core clock rate one implementation can still be 50 times faster than the other.

Target Audience

Engineers and Managers that are in Embedded Systems Development and consider using ARM7 derivatives in their design.


General knowledge about embedded systems development is beneficial for this class.


All training material is in English language. Classes are conducted in English or German, depending on location and/or participants.


The training materials (handouts, example programs) will be delivered electronically.


The pricing is location dependent.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations may be made 2 weeks prior to the event, otherwise tuition is non-refundable.