Products and Services for PEAK-System Technik Hardware

We at EmSA provide products and services for PEAK-System hardware:

Our expertise covers embedded networking applications using Controller Area Network (CAN bus), CAN-FD, CANopen (FD), J1939, ISO-TP and Embedded Internetworking solutions.

Application fields include consumer, industrial, medical, sub-sea and after-market automotive. We participate in CiA (CAN in Automation users group) standardization committees such as CiA 301, CiA 305, CiA 447 and several others.

Our YouTube Channel has a dedicated playlist for CANopen (FD) on PEAK-System hardware.


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Product Overview

CANopen Architect is our generic EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) editor with various configuration export options for our CANopen solutions.

The CANopen Developer Lib provides quick and easy access to CANopen devices connected from any Windows® or Linux® system with a PEAK PCAN interface. Build your own app using your favorite compiler system.

CANopen Modules based on PEAK PCAN-MicroMod (FD) are ready to use. Some versions can be customized using configurations created by the CANopen Architect EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) editor.

CANopen Magic tools are for monitoring, configuring, analyzing CANopen networks. The high-end version also offers device simulation.

CANopen Diag is a hand-held diagnostic tool family for live system overviews and status summaries. Diagnostic functions include both passive and active analysis as well as long-term trace log recording.

CANopen Logxaminer is an offline analysis utility scanning long-term trace log recording for anomalies, warnings and errors. Findings can be exported as a PDF report.


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Binary Software License (single installation for a single piece of PEAK hardware)

Library Software License (unlimited distribution for single-site developments)