SJA1000 Timing Calculator

The SJA1000 is an external CAN controller from NXP, with a parallel bus interface. It is commonly used in PC CAN interfaces and for providing CAN functionality to microprocessors, for example those running Windows CE or Embedded Linux.

Some of the PC CAN interfaces allow direct modification of the SJA1000 Baud Rate Timing Register (BTR) to allow use with non-standard bus speeds.

Please read the disclaimer before using the output of this calculator.

Enter your external clock rate and desired baud rate, then click on the Calculate button.
Note: CiA recommended baud rates: 10 - 500kbps, 800kbps, 1Mbps


CiA Recommended Values for Entered Baud Rate


Register Values for Entered Baud Rate


Note: Total number of TQ = 1 + TSEG1 + TSEG2, register value of BRP, TSEG1 and TSEG = desired value - 1

Non-CiA Dependant Values

The following values are calculated independently from the CiA recommended values above. These are not complete and can only give you an overview of possible settings.