Customized CANopen Slave Development

We can develop the software for your individual CANopen slave nodes.

Our customized developments are either based on a commercial CANopen slave stack of your choice or use one of our internal code developments (such as the code developed for CANopenIA or MicroCANopen) as the basis for your application. We ensure that the code developed for you passes the official CANopen conformance test as well as internal reliability and performance tests of ESAcademy®.

Customized CANopen slave developments start with the generation of the EDS, the Electronic Datasheet, that defines the communication behavior of a CANopen slave node.

Deliverables include the electronic data sheet generated, as well as either the hex file or the source code including documentation and test reports. Lead time can be as low as 3 weeks!

ESAcademy® offers this service for any microcontroller architecture. However, lowest prices and shortest lead times are available for the Atmel T89C51CC0x, Infineon C166 derivatives, Motorola 68HC12 derivatives, Motorola Coldfire 5282, NXP LPC2xxx (ARM7 derivative), NXP LPC1xxx (ARM Cortex derivatives), ST STM32 (ARM Cortex derivatives) and Triscend A7 (ARM7 derivative).

For minimal CANbus communication take a look at MicroMessaging and MicroCANopen.