Free Software

We provide some free software and utilities that are of use to Embedded Systems engineers. They have no restrictions or limitations, but may require a CAN interface from PEAK.

CANopen File Player

Our file player can replay in real-time various files onto the CAN bus. It requires a PEAK CAN interface. Supported formats include:

This allows quick and easy reproduction of background traffic for standardizing testing, analysis of previous network operation and debugging of networks. Files can be played at full speed or singles-stepped through to play one message at a time.

The Concise DCF CSV file option allows sophisticated test sequences to be constructed, including sequences for interacting with bootloaders, with support for:

For full details of the concise DCF CSV file format used and it's capabilities please see appendix A of the user manual.

Download your copy of CANopen File Player now.

Electronic Datasheet Checker

The evaluation version of our CANopen Architect EDS editor can be used as a free EDS checker.

Simply import the EDS (or DCF) then click on the toolbar icon to check the file. Files can be checked against CiA301 and optionally against a variety of device profiles. The checker output can be copied and pasted into reports, text files and emails for documentation and sharing.

Download your copy of CANopen Architect Evaluation now.