This section includes descriptions and references to free
    microcontroller software.  FTP sites and BBSs contain many quality
    packages and code samples for free.  For heavy duty use, you might
    prefer the many commercial packages that are available.  With the
    public domain (or free) stuff, you're usually on your own.  The
    commercial packages usually provide extensive documentation and

    If you are looking for commercial software for the 8051, 68hc11, or
    PIC, then check out the FAQs on these microcontrollers for details on
    what is available.

10.1) FTP sites

    The following is a list of the anonymous ftp sites that have source
    code and programming languages for various microcontrollers.  There
    are many others that  are not listed here that contains bits and
    pieces.  Usually you can find them using Archie and searching for
    variations on the name of the microntroller you are looking for.

    ftp.pppl.gov (formerly lyman.pppl.gov)
        - this is a great source of 8051 stuff
        /pub/incoming - check this out for new untested/unsorted items

        - this is a new 8051 ftp site

        - good source of stuff the MCS-51 and MCS-96 families
        /pub/mcs51 - various development tools and sample code for the
                     MCS-51 family
        /pub/mcs96 - various development tools and sample code for the
                     MCS-96 family

        - mirror of ftp.intel.com

    freeware.aus.sps.mot.com (Motorola)
        - the ftp site version of the freeware BBS
        - lots of free software for the HC05, HC08, HC11, HC16, 680x0,
          683xx, and PowerPC
        - also see the Web pages in the next section

        - the authoratative source for COP8 infomation
        /pub/COP8 - various develepment tools and sample code for the
                    COP8 family including most application notes

        - /pub/philips
        - Philips "mini ftp site" set up by Phil Wood of Philips
        - lots of 8051 code and programming tools from their BBS

        - send Email message with the word "help" in the subject line to
          learn how to access the archive

        - Circuit Cookbook
        - HUGE archive of all sorts of stuff on the 68hc11 (lots of other
          good stuff too!)
        - you'll have fun mucking around this ftp site, there's piles of
          stuff here

    cherupakha.media.mit.edu (cher.media.mit.edu)
        - HUMONGOUS archive of all sorts of stuff on the 68hc11 including
          the 6.270 robotics project, Mini Board, F1 board, and more
          (lots of other good stuff too!)
        - you'll lose yourself rooting around this ftp site, there's
          piles of stuff here (assemblers, tools, C compilers, plans and
          schematics, and many other items)
        /pub/projects - tools, docs, schematics, etc. for the MIT 6.270
          robotics project using a 68hc11-based development system
        /pub/6811 - software, schematics, etc. for the 68hc11-based F1
        /pub/incoming - various unsorted or new items
        /pub/miniboard - software, docs, schematics, etc. for the 3"x2",
          68hc11-based Mini Board controller

    ftp.funet.fi (nic.funet.fi)
        - this is a good source for various microcontrollers
        /pub/microprocs/ (subdirectories include: 1802, 6805, 8048,
           8051, 8096, PIC and many other microprocessors)

        - many assemblers, utilities, and application notes for the PIC
        - Microchip BBS mirror
        - ftp site of Memec Scandinavia, Microchip's Swedish agent.

        - files provided by local Motorola representative
        /pub (subdirectories include: ibm, dsp96k, dsp56100, dsp56k,
          dsptools, develop, mac, mcu302, mcu332, mcu11, pgmr, mcu16,
          mcu, market, qa, general, m68k, evm, dsp)

        - basic stamp information
        - PIC "C" compiler


        /pub/misc/microchip - PIC information
        /pub/misc/microchip/stamp/mirror - mirror of wpi.wpi.edu
        /pub/languages/assembler - various freeware assemblers

        read the 00readme file first or you'll be lost

    asterix.inescn.pt - FORTH archive

        /mirrors/.hpib0/forth/8051 (mirror of asterix Forth archive)

        /pub/imagecft - prerelease version of ImageCraft C for 68hc11

    info@circellar.com - Email (not ftp)
        - send Email to get information file on services available
        - all Circuit Cellar INK and BYTE related files available

        /biz/mchip - PIC information
        - also see the Web page: http://www.ultranet.com/biz/mchip


        - has information and software for a wide range of
          microprocessors and microcontrollers

        - information on PIC

    ftp.armory.com (Steve Walz)
        - /pub/user/rstevew/8051
        - /pub/user/rstevew/TB8051
        - /pub/user/rstevew/incoming

    ftp.cygnus.com (Jeff Fox)
        - source of information and software on the MuP21 Forth
        /pub/forth - MUP21FTP.ZIP includes a software simulator for
            the MuP21 and and the upcoming F21.
        also see the Web page: http://www.dnai.com/~jfox

        - embedded systems FTP archive

        - ftp site of Parallax
          "Cool PIC development tools & the BASIC Stamp"

    ftp.std.com - Minds-Online ftp site
        - Chock full of compilers, assemblers, code, articles, fuzzy
          logic, and much more.

        - support for Texas Instruments parts

        - mirror of the contents of Texas Instruments BBS

        - Microchip PIC and embedded systems

        - electronics archive

10.2) Web pages

    Advanced Micro Devices, Embedded Processor Division home page
        - http://www.amd.com/html/products/EPD/EPD.html
        - covers both the 29K and E86 embedded processor lines

    Automation and Process Control
        - http://www.ba-karlsruhe.de/automation/home.html

    Brian Brown's 8051 web page
        - http://www.cit.ac.nz/smac/cbt/hwsys/i8051/default.htm
        - contains Brian Brown's 8051 course
        - lots of other good stuff

    Chip Directory and Chip Manufacturers (Jaap van Ganswijk)
        - http://www.hitex.com/chipdir           (USA, California)
        - http://www.civil.mtu.edu/chipdir       (USA, Michigan)
        - http://www.leg.ufrj.br/chipdir         (Brasil)
        - http://www.xs4all.nl/~ganswijk/chipdir (The Netherlands)
        - http://bbs.cc.uniud.it/chipdir         (Italy)

    Electronic Laboratory of the DAEC Department of Meudon
        - http://formper1.obspm.fr
        - electronics, embedded systems, FPGA, microncontrollers in
          astronomy projects

    Embedded Systems Information (Cera Research)
        - http://www.cera.com

    Forth Interest Group home page
        - http://taygeta.oc.nps.navy.mil/fig_home.html

    French Forth web site
        - http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/mp7
          maintained by Marc Petremann:
             17, allee de la Noiseraie
             F - 93160 NOISY LE GRAND
             Email: 100647.3306@compuserve.com
        - http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/bioforth
          maintained by Gerard SOULA

    Gregory Pugh's homepage
        - http://sleepy.anest.ufl.edu/~glp/8051.html

    High Tech Horizon
        - http://www.hth.com
        - This web page is in Swedish, but the files are available to all
          in the "Hardware Hackers Filelibrary" at the bottom of the
        - High Tech Horizon, Asbogatan 29 C, S-262 51 Angelholm, SWEDEN
          +46 431 41 00 88   Fax: +46 431 41 00 88
          Email: info@hth.com

    ITU Technologies (ITUTec@aol.com)
        - Microchip PIC and embedded systems
        - http://www.iglou.com/ITU

    Microchip PIC
        - http://www.ultranet.com/biz/mchip

    Motorola's semiconductor WWW page
        - http://motserv.indirect.com
        - on-line searchable Master Selection Guide and OEM Price Book
        - 'MFax' service to request all kinds of data sheets
        - a bunch of other cool stuff

    Motorola's microcontroller WWW page
        - http://freeware.aus.sps.mot.com/index.html
        - the WWW version of the freeware BBS
        - lots of free software for the HC05, HC08, HC11, HC16, 680x0,
          683xx, and PowerPC

    MuP21 Forth microcontroller
        - http://www.dnai.com/~jfox
        - information and software on the MuP21 Forth uC

    Parallax Inc. web page
        - http://www.parallaxinc.com
        - "Cool PIC development tools & the BASIC Stamp"

    Scrumpel 68hc11 web page
        - http://www.stack.urc.tue.nl/~hcc6811

    Texas Instruments
        - http://www.ti.com

        - http://www.eskimo.com/~zchris
        - 68hc11 information and support for their line of boards

10.3) BBSs

    The following BBSs have 8051 information:

    Circuit Cellar, Inc.
        - contains code from their magazine articles and from the
          original Circuit Cellar articles in Byte magazine, also
          contains many other interesting items
        - The BBS is mentioned in the masthead of each issue (on the
          table of contents page).  Excerpts from the BBS appear in Ken
          Davidson's ConnecTime column in every issue with a description
          of how to access the system at the end of every column.
        - (203)871-1988
        - Voice: (203)875-2751
        - Fax: (203)872-2204

    Dunfield Development Systems
        - support for their Micro-C C compiler and development tools
        - includes a lot of nice goodies
        - (613) 256-6289

    ED Teck. Pubs BBS
        - run by Fred Eady who writes for hobbyist magazines
        - good source of information on the PIC
        - (407)454-3198

    Electronics Now
        - contains code from their magazine articles
        - (516)293-2283

    Intel American Marketing Applications Support Bulletin Board System
        - 16 lines, hi-speed modems (14.4K)
        - Lots of useful info and files (including design examples)
        - Full ANSI-BBS with color is recommended, but support for just
          about all terminal types is provided
        - 916-356-3600 (24 hours)
          Auto config: 1200 thru 14.4K Baud
          8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop

    Iota Systems, Inc.
        - Support for their line of hardware and software products
        - (702)831-4732

    Jens Holm's electronics BBS:
        - one of a number of BBSs that are networked over most of the
          industrial part of Europe
        - +45-86-510356 (Denmark)
        - distributes all shareware and freeware software which
          relates to electronics
        - system administrator - Jens Holm
          jholm@bjarke.nrg.dtu.dk or Jens.holm@asgaard.dk

    Don Lekei BBS
        - support for the PIC line of microcontrollers
        - (604)597-3479 (Canada)

    Massilia Underground BBS (Marseille, France)
        - +33-91794120
        - fidonet 2:323/25
        - not a commercial BBS
        - microcontroller related stuff (assemblers, debuggers,
          boards, etc), some 8051 stuff
        - everything coming in is tested

    Microchip BBS
        - support for the PIC line of microcontrollers
        - Contact by dialing the same number you would use to get to
          Compuserve at 19200,n,8,1, except that you press + at the
          (garbage) prompt, followed by MCHIPBBS as the host (instead of

    Micro Computer Control Corporation
        - (609)466-4117

    Motorola (Austin Texas) BBS
        - terrific, has piles of stuff, only some of which is on
        - (512) 891-3733 (Austin, Texas)
        - V.32 9600 Baud modems w/ MNP-5
        - 8 Data Bits, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit.

    Other Motorola BBSs:
        - Munich, Germany:  49-89-92103-111  (2400 baud)
        - Stuttgart, Germany:  49-7031-275496  (19200 baud)
        - San Diego, California:  (619) 279-3907
        - Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  (416) 497-8989

    National Semiconductor COP8 BBS
        - (800)672-6427
        - worldwide telnet to nscmicro.nsc.com

    Protel (Microchip PIC software support)
        - (408)243-0125

    Parallax Inc.
        - (916)624-7101

    Philips Semiconductor (parent company of Signetics)
        - support for: standard logic, programmable logic,
          in-car electronics (planned), 8 and 16 bit microcontrollers,
          I2C software, third party software, discrete semiconductors,
          cross assemblers (general), RF (planned)
        - PHIBBS is located in the Netherlands: +31-40-721102
        - maximum 14400 baud / V42bis
        - 24 hours a day available
        - Help desk: +31-40-722749  (9.00 AM - 16.00 PM CET)

    Philips Semiconductors (Signetics)
        - support for their 8051 variants
        - contains many good source code items
        - partially mirrored on ftp.pppl.gov and nic.funet.fi
        - (800)451-6644 or (408)991-2406

    Texas Instruments microcontroller BBS
        - (713)274-3700

10.4) Mailing Lists

        - for information, send empty message to listserv@hipp.etsu.edu
        - to join, send the message "subscribe mc68hc11 your_real_name"
          to listserv@hipp.etsu.edu

    Basic Stamp
        - to join, send the message "subscribe stamp-list" to

    GCC compilers for embedded systems
        - to join, send the message "subscribe crossgcc "
          to majordomo@first.gmd.de
        - for those who are building a cross gcc compiler for an
          embedded processor/system

    Imagecraft C
        - to join, send the message "subscribe icc11-list" to

        - One mailing list is for announcing significant postings on the
          Minds-Online ftp site.
        - Another MODERATED mailing list will carry messages from real
          engineers who are working on designs slated for volume
          production.  "No tire-kickers, no students, no academics, no
          sleazy something-for-nothing ripoff artists, no hobbyists, and
          no totally lost people will be able to post e-mail."  (Uh, it
          looks like that sort of leaves out yours truly, I certainly
          belong in several, if not most, of those categories).
        - to join, send the message "subscribe" to the email address:

    Mini Board and 6.270 board (68hc11)
        - send a message containing the word "help" for directions to
        - mailing list address:  robot-board@oberon.com
        - maintainer:  gkulosa@oberon.com

    Parallel Performance Group (PPG)
        - series of monthly newletters on high-tech software topics
        - for information send any e-mail to info@ppgsoft.com

    Philips Newsletter
        - send Email with "subscribe" in the subject field to
        - news, views, and articles (contributions welcome)
    Philips Developers Forum
        - send an Email message with the word "subscribe" in the subject
          to Philips-forum-request@InetBSystems.us.com
        - technical discussions between engineers and developers

        - to subscribe, send email to listserv@mitvma.mit.edu
        - send the message "SUB PICLIST" for standard subscription
        - send the message "SUB PICDIGEST" to receive digested mailings
        - list address is: PIC@mitvma.mit.edu