0) Rantings and ravings

    Disclaimer:  Just so it is understood, the "rantings and ravings" are
    my rantings and ravings.  My readers are refined and sophisticated
    and would never rant or rave.  I, on the other hand, sit in front of
    the TV in torn underwear and drink beer out of the bottle.

    Well first off, I would like to apologize if I inadvertantly left out
    anything in this month's FAQ.  I'm starting 24 days of army reserve
    on Sunday (Feb 25), and I'm rushing to finish this edition to get it
    posted.  If you wrote to me with information for the FAQ, and you
    don't see it in this edition, please send me a gentle reminder.  I'll
    get back to you as soon as I can.  I won't necessarily be able to
    correspond so readily during my hitch so please have patience.

    Man (or woman) does not live on bread alone, and microcontroller
    designers do not live on digital alone.  Ya gotta hook your designs
    up to the outside world (or it just isn't a controller, is it?) and
    that often means analog/linear circuits.  I just ran across a really
    great book - The National Semiconductor Linear Applications Handbook
    (I was looking at a 1994 copy, I don't know if there is a later
    edition).  Not really for the beginner, but chock full of useful
    circuits and descriptions.  (The LM3909 looks like a really
    interesting chip, I'm gonna have to pick up a few of these suckers
    when I get the chance)  Anyhow, lots of food for though, this is
    definitely a book worth getting.  Publication #400043.

    Yigal Hochberg of DMH Software provided the following description of
    their line of OEM products for SNMP and Internetworking Software

    1. A highly portable UDP/IP stack for embedded system (or other
       systems). It is designed to be integrated to any "hosting-system"
       and requires minimum services from the hosting-system.

    2. A highly portable Advanced SNMP Agent for any system. It can work
       with DMH UDP/IP stack or any other stack. It comes with a mib
       compiler that automatically generates "method functions" based
       on ASN1 mib specification. A demo is available.

    3. A CMU based SNMP Agent. This agent is based on the popular
       CMU snmp. It was improved and made portable so it can be
       integrated to embedded systems. This is a good solid inexpensive
       solution for SNMP Agent.

    4. A DOS command based SNMP Manager can the basic snmp
       operation such as: get, get-next, set and walk. It is similar to,
       cmu snmp manager. The manager can also decode and display snmp
       pdus, request and response. It is very useful for testing and
       debugging. Available in either binary form (set of programs) or a
       development tool-kit that allows you develop your own set of

    5. A set of optional internetworking components for embedded systems:
       TCP, TFTP, BOOTP, RARP, TELNET and a network Memory-Image loader.

    DMH Software
    10 Village Lane #6 Tyngsboro, MA 01879
    Voice: 508-649-5605  Fax: 508-649-2578
    e-mail: 72144.3704@compuserve.com

    Take care of yourselves,

              Uncle Russ