4) 8051 PRODUCTS

    This section includes descriptions and references to free and
    commercial software for the 8051.  FTP sites and BBSs contain many
    quality packages and code samples for free.  For heavy duty use, you
    might prefer the many commercial packages that are available.  With
    the public domain (or free) stuff, you're usually on your own.  The
    commercial packages usually provide extensive documentation and

4.1) Free languages and development tools

    The following is a list of the languages and development tools that I
    could find on the net.  Nearly all of them include source code,
    however not all are public domain.


      Program: ML-ASM51.ZIP
      Description: MetaLink's 8051 family macro assembler
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs

      Program: A51.ZIP
      Description: PseudoSam 8051 Cross Assembler
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs

      Program: AS31.ZIP
      Description:  C source for an 8051 assembler, and a simple monitor
      Author:  Ken Stauffer
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs
                 oak.oakland.edu : /pub/msdos/crossasm/as31.zip
                 many other locations (use Archie to find)

      Program: CUG292WK.ZIP
      Description:  C source for a cross assembler, includes 8051
      Author:  Alan R. Baldwin
      Location:  oak.oakland.edu : /pub/msdos/crossasm
                 pc.usl.edu : /pub/msdos/systools
                 many other locations (use Archie to find)

      Program: Frankenstein
      Description:  C source for a cross assembler, includes 8051
      Author:  Mark Zenier
      Location:  ftp.njit.edu : /pub/msdos/frankasm/FRANKASM.ZOO
                 lth.se : /pub/netnews/alt.sources/volume90/dec
                 ftp.uni-kl.de : /pub1/unix/languages/frankenstein.tar.Z
                 many other locations (use Archie to find)

      Program:  CAS 8051 assembler
      Description:  Experimental one-pass assembler for the 8051
                    with C-like syntax.  Includes assembler, linker
                    and disassembler.
      Author:  Mark Hopkins
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/assem
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/csd4-archive/assem

      Program:  a51
      Description:  Portable cross assembler (source in C), other
                    processors available
      Author:  William C. Colley, III
      Location:  hpcsos.col.hp.com : /misc/ns32k/beowulf/a-8051

      Program:  TASM
      Description:  Table driven cross-assembler for DOS, supports
                    many different microcontrollers and microprocessors
      Author:  Speech Technology Inc.
      Location:  various different places

      Program: HASM, HSIM
      Description: A configurable Makroassembler/Simulator
      Comment:  Only for private, educational, and evaluation use
                Only available in German
      Author: Dipl.- Ing. H.P. Hohe
      Location: ftp.ix.de:pub/elrad/022/hasm18.zip
                  and mirrors of ftp.ix.de

      Program:  as
      Description:  Portable cross assembler (source in C), other
                    processors available (TMS, PIC, DSP5600, 68hc11)
      Comments:  German language only
      Author:  Alfred Juelich
      Location:  ftp.uni-stuttgart.de : pub/systems/pc/lang/as


      Program:  BASIC52.ZIP (BASIC-52.ZIP)
      Description:  Source files for original BASIC 52 interpreter
      Author:  Intel Corporation, Embedded Controller Operations
      Location:  ftp.intel.com : /pub/mcs51
                 ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs

      Program:  BAS051.ZIP
      Description:  Converts IBM BASIC to 8051 assembly (compiler)
      Author:  Winefred Washington
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs

      Program:  BASIC31.ZIP
      Description:  BASIC-52 interpreter for 8031/8051 in external EPROM
      Author:  Intel w/ changes by Dan Karmann
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs

      Program:  TB-51.ZIP
      Description:  TinyBASIC for 8031
      Author:  JHW (from Intel InSite library) w/ fixes by Tom Schotland
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs

      Program:  TB51ML23.ZIP
      Description:  MetaLink ASM compatible tiny BASIC
      Author:  adapted for MetaLink assembler by Jim Lum
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs


      Program:  EFORTH51.ZIP
      Description:  eFORTH environment for the 8051
      Author:  C. H. Ting
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs
                 asterix.inescn.pt : /pub/forth/8051
                 hpcsos.col.hp.com : /mirrors/.hpib0/forth/eForth

      Program:  FORTH51.ZIP (FORTH86.ZIP used as host)
      Description:  FORTH development system for 8051 with PC host
      Author:  William H. Payne, the author of "Embedded Controller
               Forth for the 8051 Family"
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs
                 asterix.inescn.pt : /pub/forth/8051
                 hpcsos.col.hp.com : /mirrors/.hpib0/forth/8051

      Program:  XD8051.ZIP
      Description:  Development environment for use with F-PC Forth
      Author:  Paulo A.D. Ferreira
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/signetics-bbs

      Program:  51FORTH.ZIP
      Description:  Subroutine threaded Forth
      Author:  Scott Gehmlich
      Location:  hpcsos.col.hp.com : /mirrors/.hpib0/forth/8051
        : /giovanni/51forth.zip

      Program:  FORTH552.ZIP
      Description:  A Non-Standard Forth System for the Signetics 80C552
      Author:  Alberto Pasquale
      Location:  asterix.inescn.pt : /pub/forth/8051

    hpcsos.col.hp.com : /mirrors/.hpib0/forth/8051

      Program:  CamelForth/51
      Description:  ANSI Standard Forth for the 8051 family
      Comments:  This is an ALPHA TEST version
      Author:  Brad Rodriquez
                  email: bj@genie.com
                  amateur packet radio: VE3RHJ@VE3IJD.#CON.ON.CAN.NA
      Location:  taygeta.oc.nps.navy.mil : pub/Forth/Camel
                 (Be advised that there's also a Z80 CamelForth in the
                 same directory.)

      Program:  8051 eForth
      Description:  Public Domain optimized eForth for 8051 and 68HC11,
                    written in native UCASM assemblers.
      Comments:  Most of the documentation is in German.  Supplied with
                 EFTERM terminal emulator.
      Author:  W. Schemmer
      Location:  Available for $25 from:
                 Offete Enterprises, 1306 South B Street
                 San Mateo CA 94402

    Development systems

      Program:  8051.zip
      Description:  Many development tools including: debugger, monitor,
                    LCD and stepper moter driver, communications, host
                    client, and much more.  This is a great collection of
      Author:  Mark Hopkins
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/signetics-bbs
                 ftp.funet.fi : /pub/microprocs/MCS-51/csd4-archive

      Program:  RISM and IECM51.EXE compatible host system
      Description:  RISM is a reduced instruction set monitor and
                    IECM51.EXE is its compatible host system for a PC
      Comments:  These two programs together constitute a bare-bones
                 method of developing 80C51 system code without an
                 emulator.  RISM51X is installed in the target system
                 and connected to a host PC system through a serial port.
                 The host PC runs the debugger IECM51.EXE.  Once the
                 system has been debugged, RISM can be removed and the
                 target can be run in stand-alone mode.
      Author:  Intel
      Location:  ftp.intel.com : /pub/mcs51/tools

      Program:  ApBUILDER 2.0
      Description:  Development system for the Intel MCS-51(R) family
                    (also for the MCS-96(R) family, 80x186, and 80x386
                    embedded microcontrollers).
      Comments:  Requires Windows 3.1
                 APBUILDR.TXT - description in ASCII
                 APBDISK1.EXE - binary self-extracting file for disk 1
                 APBDISK2.EXE - binary self-extracting file for disk 2
      Author:  Intel
      Location:  ftp.intel.com : /pub/mcs51 and /pub/mcs96

      Program:  FXDSMAN.EXE
      Description:  8xC51Fx data sheets and manual in Windows 3.1
                    hypertext style
      Comments:  binary self-extracting file for one diskette
      Author:  Intel
      Location:  ftp.intel.com : /pub/mcs51/80c51

      Program: sim51d
      Description:  Shareware Simulator in German
                    DM 50 to register for full version
      Author:  Werner Hennig-Roleff
      Location:  ftp.pppl.gov : /pub/8051/hannover

      Program: PDS51.ZIP or EXE or
               PDSxxx.ZIP where xxx represents the version number
      Description: This is the IDE for the Philips PDS51 system. It
                   contains a simulation engine and can therefore be run
                  in a standalone mode. Great for evaluating the PDS51
                  product or just as a full environment simulator.
      Location: Philips North America BBS (800)451-6644, (408)991-2406
                   Software Development Forum, Embedded Systems Section
                     (GO CLMFOR)
                   PC Programming Forum, Tools/Debuggers forum
                     (GO PCPROG)

      Program: sim552vq.zip
      Description:  8051/80C552 simulator (Freeware)
      Comments:  Program is capable of reading .HEX and .S19 records, or
                 saving memory to a file.  It supports both code and
                 data.  Written in Turbo Pascal for XT and upwards.
      Author:  Brian Brown
      Location:  cscnt.cit.ac.nz : /pub/intel/sim552v1.zip

      Program: HASM, HSIM
      Description: A configurable Makroassembler/Simulator
      Comments: Only available in German
      Author: Dipl.- Ing. H.P. Hohe
      Copyright: Only private , Education and evalutation use
      Location: ftp.ix.de:pub/elrad/022/hasm18.zip
                  and mirrors of ftp.ix.de

    Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

      Program:  TERSE
      Description:  - Signature-Scheduled dataflow operating system
                    (RTOS) developed for embedded single-processor and
                    distributed microcontroller systems.  Easy to use,
                    very compact, and encourages totally deterministic
                    and safe performance.
                    - The first implementation is for the 8051 family,
                    and occupies from 260 to 450 bytes, the latter
                    offering network support.
                    - public domain
      Comments:  Also available is a new type of "terse-Case" development
                 methodology, particularly suited to embedded distributed
      Author: Barry Kauler
              Department of C & C Engineering
              Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Drive
              Joondalup, WA 6027, Australia.
              Email: b.kauler@cowan.edu.au
      Location:  WWW - ftp://scorpion.cowan.edu.au/pub/terse/terse.htm

4.2) Free C compilers

    Several commercial C compilers have evaluation versions available.
    These are not too useful (even for hobbyist projects) since they
    usually don't include libraries.  However, they do afford the user
    the chance to inspect the quality of the code generated.  Among those
    currently available:

        The freeware version of the Hi-Tech C compiler now produces a
        complete executable program, and comes with full libraries.  The
        only limitations are that there is no command line driver (but
        the full GUI interface is included), no library source is
        provided, and your user program is limited to 1K of your own
        code.  Any amount of library code can be linked in (but no, you
        can't build your own libraries).  There is also a demo version of
        the XA compiler, with similar restrictions, but allows up to 2K
        user code.  Available from their web site:

        An evaluation version of COMPASS is available from Production
        Language Systems.  This package includes a C compiler, assembler,
        debugger, simulator, etc. and runs under Windows 3.1.  This
        package can be downloaded from the IntelC Compuserve forum or
        from their BBS:
              Enter YY8051 as password for first-time login

        The Keil C compiler evaluation package is available as a freeware
        C compiler.  It can be downloaded from:
                 ftp.kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be : /pub/MCS-51/keil-demo
        Thanks to Christofe Huygens for setting this up.

    Mark Hopkins has changed the goal of his compiler project.  Instead
    of implementing a C compiler, he is working on an implementation of
    JOLT for the '51.  Its main characteristic is the complete and
    seamless integration of functional and imperative programming into
    one language.  The language envisioned essentially has a C syntax and
    could probably be mistaken as being a dialect of C.  More on this as
    it develops.

    However, the good news is that Ahmad Ibrahim informs me that he's
    well on his way to putting together a C compiler which will be
    released as freeware.  The initial offering will generate code only
    for the 8051.  By making the compiler table driven, it will be
    adaptable for other processors.  Other features are in the works
    including a simulator/debugger.

    In most cases, it makes more sense to invest a bit, and get something
    serious.  Also, by buying a commercial package, you have the
    advantage of having the documentation, and being able to get
    technical support.  There are two low-cost C compilers currently
    available for 8051 development.

    I've been using the Dunfield Development System, and its really quite
    nice.  I've also heard many good things about it from others.  For
    $100 you get a near ANSI-C compiler, run-time library with source,
    assembler, ROM debugger, integrated development environment, monitor
    with source, utilities, and other extras.  A high quality simulator
    for only $50 is also available separately.  The simulator has an
    option allowing you to interface to your target by using an on-chip
    monitor.  Although not freeware, the low price, the features, all of
    the extra goodies, and the good reviews make this a package worth
    looking at.  Also, if you're interested in working on more than one
    family of microcontroller, Dunfield supports a wide range.  This
    means only needing to learn one system, instead of many.

    Another low priced ($100) C compiler comes from Micro Computer
    Control.  This package was unavailable for review, but according to
    the manufacturer, it features:  Cross compilers running under DOS are
    available for the 8051 and the Z8 (including Super-8).  This package
    includes a C compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, and extensive
    printed documentation.  A simulator/source code debugger is available
    for an additional $79.95.  The simulator is completely configurable,
    so much so that you don't even need the target hardware to test with.
    You can configure all I/O and other features of your target chip or
          Micro Computer Control Corporation
          PO Box 275, 17 Model Ave., Hopewell, NJ  08525
          (609)466-1751   Fax: (609)466-4116   BBS: (609)466-4117
          Email: 73062.3336@compuserve.com

4.3) Commercially available products

    Many firms (large and small) offer a variety of 8051 microcontroller
    variants, programming languages, support packages, and development

    No endorsement is implied by inclusion in this list.  I apologize to
    anyone I left out;  It's only because I didn't know about you.  If
    you want to be included in this list, just drop me a line - please.
    Any corrections and additions appreciated.

    C compilers ($$$ - high, $$ - medium, $ - low priced)
        - 2500 A.D.
        - Archimedes Software  $$$ & $$
             same as Keil Electronics C
             Archimedes is introducing StartRight, a low cost 8051 C
                compiler for $700
        - Avocet Systems  $$
             repackaging of the Hi-Tech Software C compiler
        - BSO/Tasking  $$
        - Crossware Products
        - Dunfield Development Systems  $
             Complete C compiler development system for MS-DOS
             includes: compiler, run-time library with source, assembler,
                ROM debugger, integrated development environment, monitor
                with source, utilities, and other extras
             low price:  $100
             good reputation and good support
             works well with the Dallas DS5000/DS2250
        - Franklin Software  $$ ? (new prices)
             now marketing their own C compiler
             includes: PC-Lint and an IDE
        - IAR Systems
             IAR tool kit comes with a C-Cross compiler, assembler,
                Xlink linker, Xlib librarian, C-SPY simulator, editor,
                make utility and a real-time kernel
             formerly licensed for distribution in the US and Canada
                under the Archimedes brand name
        - Hi-Tech Software  $$
             assembler, C compiler, linker, library, serial port
                debugger, and Windows style integrated development
             ANSI C and IEEE 32 float compatable with some very useful
        - Intermetrics Microsystems Software, Inc.
             Whitesmith's compiler, assembler, and C source level
        - Keil Electronics  $$$
             compiler, assembler, debugger, real-time kernel, ROM
                monitor, libraries for special 8051's to set SFR,
                embedded I/O devices, A/D, etc.
        - Mandeno Granville Electronics, Ltd
             SYS51C - ANSI C Cross Compiler
        - Micro Computer Control  $
             Developer's kit includes "C"-like compiler, assembler,
                linker, librarian, extensive printed documentation
             low cost ($99.95)
        - Okapi Systems
        - Production Languages Corporation
             DOS- and Windows- based compilers
             Integrated development environment includes ANSI C compiler,
                assembler, linker, librarian, debugger
        - Signum Systems

    Basic interpreters/compilers
        - Binary Technology, Inc.
        - Iota Systems, Inc.
             Basic-752 interpreter (simulator also available)
             Basic-52 Plus interpreter
        - Micro Future
             Basic-52 development system
        - Systronix Inc. (Basic compiler)

        - Mandeno Granville Electronics, Ltd
             PASCAL51 - Advanced Turbo PASCAL compliant cross compiler
        - Scientific Engineering Labs

        - Mandeno Granville Electronics, Ltd
             Mod51 - optimizing Modula-2 Compiler, smallest program is 14
             bytes, ideal for both very tight/fast projects and very
             large ones with multiple modules, produces smaller/tighter
             code than C, has extensive libraries and working examples
        - Vail Silicon Tools, Inc.

        - BSO/Tasking

    Board level products
        - Ackerman Computers Sciences (ACS)
        - AM Research
             complete FORTH based system with PC based host system
        - Binary Technology, Inc.
        - Blue Earth Research
        - Blue Ridge Micros (8031 and 8052-BASIC based boards)
        - Circuit Cellar Inc.
        - DataCraft International
        - Dunfield Development Systems
        - EE Systems
        - Forth, Inc.
        - HiTech Equipment Corp.
        - Iota Systems, Inc. (line of development packages, boards,
             peripherals, and components)
        - J & M Microtek, Inc.
        - L.S. Electronic Systems Design
        - Mandeno Granville Electronics, Ltd
        - Parallax, Inc.
        - Prologic Designs
        - Rigel Corporation
        - Software Science
             nice boards with prototyping area
        - Suncoast Technologies
        - URDA, Inc.

        - 2500 A.D.
        - Archimedes Software
             same as Keil Electronics
             Archimedes is introducing StartRight, a low cost 8051
                assembler for $200
        - BSO/Tasking
        - Crossware Products
        - Custom Computer Consultants
        - Cybernetics Microsystems
        - Dunfield Development Systems
             Supports both Intel and Motorola style syntax
        - Emulation Technology, Inc.
        - Intel Corporation
        - Keil Electronics
        - Lear Com Company
        - Metalink
        - Micro Computer Control
        - Microtek Research
        - Nohau Corporation
        - Okapi Systems
        - Onset Computer Corporation (8051 Assember for MAC)
        - Parallax, Inc.
        - PseudoCorp
        - Raven Computer Systems
        - Signum Systems
        - Speech Technology Inc.
             TASM (table driven cross assembler supports many different
             microcontrollers and microprocessors)
        - Universal Cross Assemblers
             CROSS32 supports 40-50 different processors

        - AM Research
             Development system, features kernel of less than 700 bytes
        - Forth, Inc.
             A cross-development product for the 8051 family
                which includes a board and extensive documentation.
        - Forth Systeme
        - MPE: MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd.
             A cross-development system for the 8051 family
                extensive documentation
             interactive single chip development, multitasking,
                bank switching for more than 64k code
        - Offete Enterprises
             8051 eForth (C. H. Ting -- $25.00).  "A small ROM based
                Forth system ... Source code is in MASM IBM 5.25 disk
                with 8051 eForth Implementation Note."

    ROM Monitor-based Debuggers
        - ChipTools (ChipView-51 looks like turbo debugger)
        - Dunfield Development Systems
             Can be used with DS5000 for single-chip in-circuit

        - 2500 A.D.
        - Avocet Systems
        - ChipTools
             on a 33 MHz 486 matches the speed of a 12 MHz 8051
        - Cybernetic Micro Systems
        - Dunfield Development Systems
             Low cost $50.00
             500,000+ instructions/second on 486/33
             Can interface to target system for physical I/O
             Includes PC hosted "on chip" debugger with identical user
        - HiTech Equipment Corp.
        - Hitex
        - Iota Systems, Inc.
        - J & M Microtek, Inc.
        - Keil Electronics
        - Lear Com Company
        - Mandeno Granville Electronics, Ltd
        - Micro Computer Control Corporation
             Simulator/source code debugger ($79.95)
        - Microtek Research
        - Production Languages Corp.
        - PseudoCorp

    Emulators ($$$ - high, $$ - medium, $ - low priced)
        - Advanced Micro Solutions  $$
        - Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Inc.  $
        - Applied Digital Research Ltd.  $$
        - American Automation  $$$  $$
        - Applied Microsystems  $$
        - ChipTools (front end for Nohau's emulator)
        - Cybernetic Micro Systems  $
        - Dunfield Development Systems $
             plans for pseudo-ice using Dallas DS5000/DS2250
             used together with their resident monitor and host debugger
        - Emulation Technology, Inc. $$
             OpenEmulator in-circuit emulators adaptable for over a
                hundred microcontrollers/microprocessors
        - HBI Limited  $
        - Hewlett-Packard  $$$
        - HiTech Equipment Corp.
        - Hitex  $$
        - Huntsville Microsystems  $$
        - Intel Corporation  $$$
        - Kontron Electronics  $$$
        - Lauterbach Datentechnik GmbH
             8051 In-Circuit Emulators based on a universal high-
                performance emulation system called TRACE32.
        - Mandeno Granville Electronics, Ltd
             full line covering everything from the Atmel flash to the
                Siemens powerhouse 80c517a
        - MetaLink Corporation  $$  $
        - Nohau Corporation  $$
        - Orion Instruments  $$$
        - Philips $$ $
             DS-750 pseudo-ICE developed by Philips and CEIBO
                real-time emulation and simulator debug mode
                source-level debugging for C, PL/M, and assembler
                programs 8xC75x parts
                low cost - only $100 from Philips ($250 from CEIBO)
                DOS and Windows versions available
             PDS51 board level In-Circuit Emulation system
                no stolen resources
                Daughter boards support wide range of Philips derivatives
                approximately $US1000 to $US1200 depending on daughter
        - Signum Systems  $$
        - Sophia Systems  $$$
        - Zax Corporation
        - Zitek Corporation  $$$

        - Byte-BOS Integrated Systems
             small, prioritized, preemptive real-time kernel
        - Embedded System Products (formerly A.T. Barrett and Associates)
             ROMable embedded-system kernel: source provided.  Provides
             programming interface identical on all target platforms.
             Basic, advanced, and extended library packages available.
        - Intellimap Engineering
             DCE51 real time operating system
        - JMI Software Systems, Inc.
             small, prioritized, preemptive real-time kernel
        - U S Software
             SuperTask! - multitasking executive

        - Advanced Educational Systems (AES)
             complete learning system (board, LCD, keypad, A/D, D/A, etc)
        - Sun Equipment Corp.

        - Creative Applications Engineering, Inc
             CheepTools (integrated environment)
        - Dallas Semiconductor
             evaluation/development kit for their DS5000 (very nice)
        - Data Sync Engineering (disassembler)
        - Educational Laboratories
             development courses:
               8051 Microcontroller Based Computer Design
               Programming 8051 Based Computers
             each course $19.95, both $29.95
        - Electronic Product Design, Inc.
             development system (integrated package with assembler,
             project manager, text editor, programmer)
        - Exor Inc. (ladder logic compiler)
        - Feger + Co.
             offers a series of German language 8051 related books they
             call `MC-Tools' describing the processors and/or projects
             for PC-addin boards:
             MC-Tools 1 - 80c535 project for DM 119; includes 260 page
               book, an empty PCB, and a diskette with assembler,
               debugger, PC-Oscilloscope
             MC-Tools 4 - same as above but based on 80c537
             MC-Tools 3 - Die 8051-Microcontroller Familie vom 8051 zum
               80C517A; text book on the 8051 and Siemens derivatives,
               360 pages.
             MC-Tools 5 - handbook on the 80C517 and 80C517A, 360 pages
        - Iota Systems, Inc.
             integrated environment system
        - Mandeno Granville Electronics, Ltd
             PIC to 8051 conversion program
        - Parallax, Inc.
        - Philips
             87C51 programmers
               LCPx5x - 24 and 28 pin DIL and 68 pin PLCC Philips parts
                      - 748, 749, 750, 751, 752, 451, 453, 552
               LCPx5x40 - 40 pin DIL or 44 pin PLCC Philips parts
               Range further expanded by adaptors
               Low cost, board level
        - Quantasm Corp.
             ASMFLOW - produces flowchart and tree diagrams from source
                code, register usage analysis, Xref, timing info
        - U S Software
             USNET - TCP/IP networking suite
             USFiles - file system
             GOFAST - floating point library
        - Xicor
             SLIC2E microperipherals - wires up directly to an 8051 and
               needs no glue logic, contains:
                  - 8K x 8 EEPROM in individual 4K segments
                  - 2 8-BIT I/O ports
                  - 16 8-BIT RAM registers
                  - Integrated Interrupt Controller Module
                  - Internal programmable address decoding
                  - code loaded at the factory allowing users to
                    download programs into EEPROM
             Development Support package includes a DATA BOOK, a
               SAMPLE of the CHIP (PDIP or PLCC, your choice) and PC
               compatible software for downloading and testing your
               programs. $15
             Development system includes a populated board. $180

    2500 A.D.       109 Brookdale Ave., Box 480, Buena Vista, CO  81211

    Ackerman Computer Sciences (ACS)
                    4276 Lago Way, Sarasota, FL  34241
                    (813)377-5775   Fax: (813)378-4226

    Advanced Educational Systems (AES)
                    1407 North Batavia Street, Orange, CA  92677
                    (800)730-3232   (714)744-0981   Fax: (714)744-2693

    Advanced Micro Devices
                    901 Thompson Place, PO Box 3453
                    Sunnyvale, CA  94088-3000

    Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Inc.
                    1321 NW 65th Place, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
                    (305)975-9515  Fax: (305)975-9698

    Advanced Micro Solutions
                    1033 S Imperial Dr., Hartland, WI 53029

    American Automation
                    2651 Dow Avenue, Tustin, CA  92680

    AM Research     4600 Hidden Oaks Lane, Loomis, CA  95650
                    (800)949-8051   (916)652-7472   Fax: (916)6642
                    BBS: (916)652-7117
                    Email: sofia@netcom.com

    Applied Digital Research Ltd.
                    P.O. Box 6480, Wellesley St, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
                    +64 9 480-8827
                    Email: rossmcm@adr.co.nz
                    Compuserve: 100351,716
                    WWW: http://www.he.net/~adr/

    Applied Microsystems
                    5020 148th Ave. N.E., PO Box 97002
                    Redmond, WA  98073-9702

    Archimedes Software
                    2159 Union St., San Francisco, CA  94123
                    WWW: http://www.archimedes.com/devtools

    Ashling Microsystems Ltd
    Ireland         Plessey Technological Park
                    Limerick, Ireland
                    +353 61 334466   Fax:  +353 61 334477
    United Kingdom  Butler House
                    19-23 Market Street
                    Maidenhead, Berkshire,  UK
                    +0628 773070   Fax: 0628 773009

    Atmel           2125 O'Nel Drive, San Jose, CA  95131
                    (800)365-3375  (408)441-0311   Fax: (408)436-4300

    Avocet Systems  120 Union St., Rockport, ME  04856
                    (800)448-8500  (207)236-9055   Fax: (207)236-6713

    Binary Technology, Inc.
                    PO Box 541, Carlisle, MA  01741
                    (508)369-9556   Fax: (508)369-9549

    Blue Earth Research
                    165 W. Lind Ct., Mankato, MN  56001-0400
                    (507)387-4001   Fax: (507)387-4008
                    BBS: (507)387-4007

    Blue Ridge Micros
                    2505 Plymouth Rd., Johnson City, TN  37601
                    (615)335-6696   Fax: (615)929-3164

    International   333 Elm Street, Dedham, MA  02026-4530
                    (800)458-8276  (617)320-9400  Fax: (617)320-9212
    Europe          Tasking Software BV
                    P O Box 899, 3800 AW Amersfoort, Netherlands
                    +31 33 558584   Fax: +31 33 550033

    Business Data Computers
                    P.O. Box 1549, Chester, CA  96020

    Byte-BOS Integrated Systems
                    P.O. Box 3067, Del Mar, CA 92014
                    (800)788-7288   (619)755-8836

    ChipTools Inc   (905)274-6244   Fax: (905)891-2715
                    Email: chiptool@hookup.net

    Circuit Cellar Inc.
                    4 Park St., Vernon, CT  06066
                    (203)875-2751   Fax: (203)872-2204

    Creative Applications Engineering, Inc
                    Ed Carryer
                    (415)494-2363   BBS: (415)494-8463

    Crossware Products
                    2 The Lawns, Melbourn, Royston, Herts  SG8 6BA, UK
                    +44 763 261539   Fax: +44 763 262983
                    BBS: +44 763 261716
                    Email: sales@crossware.com

    Custom Computer Consultants
                    1807 Huron River Drive, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

    Cybernetic Micro Systems
                    Box 3000, San Gregorio, CA  94074

    Dallas Semiconductor
                    4401 S. Beltwood Parkway, Dallas, TX  75244-3292
                    (214)450-0448   Fax: (214)450-3715
                    International:  (214)450-5351
                    Orders:  (800)336-6933
                    Email: micro.support@dalsemi.com
                    Web: www.dalsemi.com

    DataCraft International
                    2828 Ione Dr., San Jose, CA  95132
                    (800)873-3709   (408)259-4866

    Data Sync Engineering
                    POB 146, E. Stroudsburg, PA  18301

    Dunfield Development Systems
                    P.O. Box 31044, Nepean, Ontario Canada   K2B 8S8
                    (613)256-5820   Fax: (613)256-5821
                    BBS: (613)256-6289
                    Web:   http://www.dunfield.com
                    Email: General information:      info@dunfield.com
                    Sales inquiries/Administration: sales@dunfield.com
                    Technical inquiries/Support      tech@dunfield.com
                    Old Email address:  ddunfield@bix.com

    EE Systems      50935 Hill Dr., Elkhart, IN  46514
                    (219)296-1754   Fax: (219)522-4271

    Electronic Product Design, Inc.
                    6963 Bluebelle Way, Springfield, OR  97478

    Embedded System Products (formerly A.T. Barrett and Associates)
                    11501 Chimney Rock, Houston, TX  77035-2900
                    (800)525-4302   (713)728-9688   Fax: (713)728-1049

    Emulation Technology, Inc.
                    2344 Walsh Avenue, Bldg. F, Santa Clara, CA  95051
                    (408)982-0660   Fax: (408)982-0664
                    Email: et@pmail.emulation.com
                    WWW: http://www.emulation.com
                    FTP: ftp.emulation.com

    Exor Inc.
                    4740T Interstate Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45246
                    (513)874-4665   Fax: (513)874-3684

    Feger + Co., Hardware + Software Verlags OHG
                    Marienstrasse 1, D-83301 Traunreut, Germany

    Forth, Inc.     1-800-55FORTH

    Forth Systeme   P.O. Box 1103, Breisach, Germany

    Franklin Software

    HBI Limited
                    6F, 1 Fleming Road, Hong Kong
                    852-891-3673  Fax: 852-834-9748

    Hewlett-Packard 1501 Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto, CA  94304

    HiTech Equipment Corp.
                    9400 Activity Rd., San Diego, CA  92126
                    (619)566-1892   Fax: (619)530-1458
                    Email: info@hte.com   ftp: ftp.hte.com

    Hi-Tech Software
                    PO Box 103, Alderly QLD 4051, Australia
                    (+61-7) 300 5011   Fax: (+61-7) 300 5246
                    BBS: +61 7 3300 5235
                    Email: hitech@hitech.com.au
                    WWW: http://www.hitech.com.au/

    North America   HiTOOLS Inc., 2055 Gateway Place, Suite 400
                    San Jose, CA 95110
                    (408) 451 3986   Fax: (408) 441 9486
                    http://www.hitex.com  info@hitex.com
    Germany         Greschbachstr 12, 76229 Karlsruhe
                    0721/9628-0      Fax: 0721/9628-149
    United Kingdom  Sir William Lyons Road, Science Park
                    Coventry CV4 7EX
                    +0203 692066     Fax: +0203 692131

    Huntsville Microsystems
                    4040 S. Memorial Parkway, PO Box 12415
                    Huntsville, AL  35802

    IAR Systems Software
    North America   One Maritime Plaza, Suite 1770
                    San Fransisco, CA 94111  USA
                    (415)765-5500   Fax: (415)765-5503
    Sweden          IAR Systems AB
                    Box 23051
                    S-750 23 Uppsala, Sweden
                    +46 18 16 7800   Fax: +46 18 16 7838
    Germany         IAR Systems GmbH
                    Brucknerstrasse 27
                    D-81677 Munchen, Germany
                    +49 89 470 6022   Fax: +49 89 470 9565
    United Kingdom  IAR Systems Ltd
                    9 Spice Court
                    Plantation Wharf, York Rd
                    London SWII 3UE, England
                    +44 71 924 3334   Fax: +44 71 924 5341

    Intel Corporation
                    3065 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA  95051
                    Technical Help: (800)628-8686 (USA/Canada only)
                       5 am to 5 pm PST
                    Email: james_sampson@ccm.hf.intel.com
                    Faxback support: (800)628-2283 (USA/Canada)
                       touch tone phones only
                       Will only FAX to USA/Canada locations
                       English or Japanese support is available
                    BBS: (916)356-3600  24 Hr.
                       Auto config: 1200 thru 14.4K Baud

    Intellimap Engineering
                    1140 Morrison Dr., Suite 222
                    Ottawa Ontario Canada K2H 8S9
                    (613)829-3196   Fax: (613)820-1773

    Intermetrics Microsystems Software, Inc.
                    733 Concord Ave., Cambridge, MA  02138
                    (617)661-0072   Fax: (617)868-2843

    Iota Systems, Inc.
                    924 Incline Way, Suite N / POB 8987
                    Incline Village, NV  89452-8987
                    (702)831-6302   Fax: (702)831-4629

    J & M Microtek, Inc.
                    83 Seaman Rd., W Orange, NJ  07052
                    (201)325-1892   Fax: (201)736-4567

    JMI Software Systems, Inc.
                    P.O. Box 481, 904 Sheble Lane, Spring House, PA 19477
                    (215)628-0840   Fax: (215)628-0353

    KC Automation GmbH (support for Sysoft products)
                    Alfredo Knecht
                    CH-6991 Neggio, Switzerland
                    Fax: ++41-91591149
                    Email: akne@tinet.ch

    Keil Elektronik GmbH
    Europe          Bretonischer Ring 15
                    D-85630 Grasbrunn b. Muenchen, Germany
                    49 89 / 46 50 57   Fax: 49 89 / 46 81 62
    North America   Keil Software
                    16990 Dallas Parkway, Suit 120, Dallas, TX  75248
                    (800)348-8051 (sales and tech support)
                    (214)735-8052   Fax: (214)735-8055
                    CompuServe: 71715,1604
                    BBS: (214)713-9883

    Kontron Electronics
                    D-8057 Eching/Munich
                    Oskar von Miller Str. 1, Germany
                    (0 81 65) 77-0

    Lauterbach Datentechnik GmbH
    Europe          Fichtenstr. 27, D-85649 Hofolding, Germany
                    ++49 (0)8104 8943 31   Fax: ++49 (0)8104 8943 49
                    Compuserve: 100272,507
                    Email: sales@lauterbach.com
                    WWW: http://www.lauterbach.com
    USA             Lauterbach Inc.
                    945 Concord Street, Framingham,MA 01701
                    (508)620-4521   Fax: (508)620-4522

    Lear Com Company
                    2440 Kipling St. Suite 206, Lakewood, CO  80215
                    (303)232-2226   Fax: (303)232-8721

    Logical Systems Corporation (Disassembler, Simulator)
    Micro Dialects, Inc.
                    POB 30014, Cincinnati, OH  45230

    Logisoft        Box 61929, Sunnyvale CA  94086
                    (408)773-8465  Fax: (408)773-8466

    L.S. Electronic Systems Design
                    2280 Camilla Rd., Mississauga, Ontario
                    Canada  L5A 2J8
                    (905)277-4893   Fax: (905)277-0047

    Mandeno Granville Electronics, Ltd
                    128 Grange Rd., Auckland 3, New Zealand
                    +64 9 6300 558   Fax: +64 9 6301 720

    Matra Semiconductor
                    2840-100 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA  95051

    MetaLink Corporation
    North America   325 E. Elliot Road, Chandler, AZ  85255
                    (800)638-2423   (602)926-0797
                    Fax:  (602)926-1198
    Europe          MetaLink Europe GmbH
                    Westring 2, 8011<85614>
                    Kirchseeon-Eglharting, Germany
                    (08091)2046   Fax: (08091)2386

    Micro Computer Control Corporation
                    PO Box 275, 17 Model Ave., Hopewell, NJ  08525
                    (609)466-1751   Fax: (609)466-4116
                    BBS: (609)466-4117
                    Email: 73062.3336@compuserve.com

    Micro Future    40944 Cascado Place, Fremont, CA  94539
                    (510)657-0264   Fax: (510)657-5441
                    BBS: (510)657-5442

    MicroMint       4 Park St., Vernon, CT  06066
                    (203)875-2751   Fax: (203)872-2204

    Microtek International, Inc.
    North America   Microtek International, Inc.
                    3300 N.W. 211th Terrace, Hillsboro, OR  97124
                    (503)645-7333   Fax: (503)629-8460
    Europe          Microtek Electronics Europe GmbH
                    Starnberger Strasse 22, 82131 Gauting bei Munchen
                    +49(89)893139-30    Fax: +49(89)893139-50

    MPE: MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd.
                    133 Hill Lane, Shirley, Southampton SO1 5AF U.K.
                    +44 1703 631441   Fax: +44 1703 339691
                    Email: mpe@mpeltd.demon.co.uk

    Nohau Corporation
                    51 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA  95008
                    (408)378-2912 (24 hr. information center)
                    Fax: (408)378-7869
                    Email: nohau@shell.portal.com
                    WWW: http://www.nohau.com/nohau

    Offete Enterprises, Inc.
                    1306 South B Street, San Mateo, CA  94402
                    (415) 574-8250

    Okapi Systems   (206)258-1163

    Onset Computer Corporation
                    199 Main St.,  P.O. Bos 1030
                    North Falmouth, MA 02556-1030
                    (508)563-9000   Fax: (508)563-9477

    Orion Instruments, Inc.
                    1376 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA  94089
                    (408)747-0440  Fax: (408)747-0688
                    Email: info@oritools.com

    Orion Instruments
                    180 Independence Drive, Menlo Park, CA  94025
                    (800)729-7700   Fax: (415)327-9881

    Parallax, Inc.  6200 Desimone Lane, #69A, Citrus Heights, CA  95621

    Philips Microcontroller Product Group
                    811 East Arques Ave. / POB 3409
                    Sunnvale, CA  94088-3409
                    Technical documentation:
                        Sunnyvale, CA - (800)447-1500  Fax: (408)991-3773
                        Eindhoven, Netherlands - Fax: 31-40-724825
                    Technical questions:
                        Sunnyvale, CA - (408)991-3518

    Production Languages Corporation
                    P.O. Box 109, Weatherford, TX  76086
                    (800)525-6289   (817)599-8365   Fax: (817)599-5098

    Prologic Designs
                    PO Box 19026, Baltimore, MD  21204
                    (410)661-5950   Fax: (410)661-5950

    PseudoCorp      2597 Potter St., Eugene, OR 97405
                    (541)683-9173   Fax: (541)683-9186
                    Email: rhowden@teleport.com
                    Web: http://www.teleport.com/~rhowden

    Quantasm Corporation
                    19672 Stevens Creek Blvd.
                    Cupertino, CA  95014
                    (800)765-8086   (408)244-6826   Fax: (408)244-7268

    Raven Computer Systems
                    PO Box 12116, St. Paul, MN  55112

    Rigel Corporation
                    P.O. Box 90040, Gainesville, FL  32607

    Scientific Engineering Labs
                    255 Beacon St., Suite 3D, Somerville, MA  02143

    Siemens Components, Inc.
                    Integrated Circuit Division, 10950 N. Tantau Ave.
                    Cupertino, CA  95014
                    (800)777-4363  Fax: (708)296-4805

    Signetics Corporation (see Philips Microcontroller Product Group)

    Signum Systems  Mountain View, CA     (415)903-2220
                    Thousand Oaks, CA     (805)371-4608

    Software Science
                    3570 Roundbottom Rd., Cincinnati, OH  45244
                    (513)561-2060  Fax: (513)271-3181
                    Email: pbarnes@iglou.com

    Sophia Systems  NS Bldg. 2-4-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinuku-ku
                    Tokyo 160, Japan

    Speech Technology Inc., Software Division
                    837 Front Street South, Issaquah, WA  98027

    Standard Microsystems Corporation
                    80 Arkay Dr.,  Hauppage, NY  11788
                    (516)435-6000    Fax: (516)231-6004
                    WWW: http://www.smc.com
                    Email: techsupport@smc.com

    Sun Equipment Corporation
    Lodestar Electronics Corp.
                    616 Hawick Rd., Raleigh, NC  27615
                    (800)870-1955   (919)881-2141   Fax: (919)870-5720

    Suncoast Technologies
                    PO Box 5835, Spring Hill, FL  34606

    Sysoft SA       (closed as of 1989 - see KC Automation GmbH)

    Systronix Inc.  555 S. 300 E., Salt Lake City, UT  84111
                    (801)534-1017  Fax: (801)534-1019
                    BBS: (801)487-2778

    URDA, Inc.      (800)338-0517   (412)683-8732

    US Software     14215 N.W. Science Park Drive, Portland, OR  97229
                    (800)356-7097   (503)641-8446   Fax: (503)644-2413
                    Product information available by ftp -
                       ftp.netcom.com : pub/ussw

    Universal Cross Assemblers
                    (506)849-8952   Fax: (506)847-0681

    Vail Silicon Tools, Inc.
                    Box 165, Pompano Beach FL  33069
                    (305)491-7443   Fax: (305)974-8531

                    1511 Buckeye Dr., Milpitas, CA
                    (408)432-8888   Fax: (408)432-0640
                    http//www.xicor.com (new, under construction)
                    BBS: (800)258-8864

    Zax Corporation
                    2572 White Road, Irving, CA 92714
                    (800)421-0982   (714)474-1170

    Zitek Corporation
                    1651 East Edinger Ave., Santa Ana, Ca  92705