3.1) FTP sites

    The following is a list of the various anonymous ftp sites that have
    8051 source code and programming languages.  There are many others
    that  are not listed here that contains bits and pieces.  Usually you
    can find them using Archie and searching for "8051", "AS31", "ASM51",
    "MCS-51", "MCS51", and stuff like that.

    ftp.pppl.gov (formerly lyman.pppl.gov)
        - this is a great source of 8051 stuff
        /pub/incoming - check this out for new untested/unsorted items

    ftp.funet.fi (nic.funet.fi)
        - this is a great one, too
        other subdirectories in /pub/microprocs include:
          1802, 6805, 6811, 8048, 8096 and many other microprocessors

        - this ftp site is pretty good now, and getting better all the
        - send comments to:  ftp-admin@intel.com
        /pub/mcs51/tools - contains various development tools

        - lots of good stuff here!
        - contains the following directories:
            .../assemblers - assemblers, disassemblers, and simulators
            .../basic - Basic utilities and interpreters
            .../forth - Forth programming tools
            .../debuggers - monitors and debuggers
            .../utilities - miscellaneous information and utilities
            .../examples - code examples
            .../unsorted - new [unsorted] files
            .../xa - files on the new XA "16 bit 8051"
        /pub/Philips-MCU/archive - email archive

        - mirror of ftp.intel.com
        - /vendors/Intel

        - /pub/philips
        - Philips "mini ftp site" set up by Phil Wood of Philips
        - lots of 8051 code and programming tools from their BBS

        - this is a new 8051 ftp site
        - soon to be improved

        - new 8051 ftp site
        - accepting uploads

    info@circellar.com - Email (not ftp)
        - send Email to get information file on services available
        - all Circuit Cellar INK and BYTE related files available

        - circuits of all types
        - prog51.zip is a programmer for the ATMEL 89C51 flash part
          by Werner Terreblanche


    asterix.inescn.pt - FORTH archive

        /mirrors/.hpib0/forth/8051 (mirror of asterix Forth archive)

    ftp.armory.com (Steve Walz)

        - has information and software for a wide range of
          microprocessors and microcontrollers, you may have to look
          around a bit


        - stuff on the Philips 87C750/1/2 microcontrollers
        - assembler, an update for the software in the DS-750 kit,
          notebook of some early experiences and code
        - responses welcome, Michael A. Covington (mcovingt@ai.uga.edu)

        - HiTech Equipment Corporation's ftp site
        - information about their products including some sample code,
          a free 8051 simulator, and various things from around the net
          that relate to the 8051 family

    csd4.csd.uwm.edu - no longer supports 8051, don't even try

3.2) Web pages

    8051 board level products
        - http://bailey2.unibase.com/local/beck04.html

    8051 Microcontrollers
        - http://www.cit.ac.nz/smac/cbt/hwsys/i8051/default.htm

    Automation and Process Control (Olaf Pfeiffer)
        - http://www.ba-karlsruhe.de/automation/home.html
        - http://www.ba-karlsruhe.de/automation/FAQ

    Archimedes Software
        - http://www.archimedes.com/devtools

    Brian Brown's 8051 web page
        - http://www.cit.ac.nz/smac/cbt/hwsys/i8051/default.htm
        - contains Brian Brown's 8051 course
        - lots of other good stuff

    Chip Directory and Chip Manufacturers (Jaap van Ganswijk)
        - http://www.hitex.com/chipdir           (USA, California)
        - http://www.civil.mtu.edu/chipdir       (USA, Michigan)
        - http://www.leg.ufrj.br/chipdir         (Brasil)
        - http://www.xs4all.nl/~ganswijk/chipdir (The Netherlands)
        - http://bbs.cc.uniud.it/chipdir         (Italy)

    Dallas Semiconductor
        - http://www.dalsemi.com

    Emulation Technology
        - http://www.emulation.com

    Forth, Inc.
        - http://www.earthlink.net/~forth
        - follow the links to chipFORTH, then to 8051

    French Forth web site
        - http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/mp7
          maintained by Marc Petremann:
             17, allee de la Noiseraie
             F - 93160 NOISY LE GRAND
             Email: 100647.3306@compuserve.com
        - http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/bioforth
          maintained by Gerard SOULA

    Gregory Pugh's homepage
        - http://sleepy.anest.ufl.edu/~glp/8051.html

    Hi-Tech Software
        - http://www.hitech.com.au
        - demo C compiler available (limits - 1K size, no library source)

    Intel MCS(R) 51 Microcontroller Family
        - http://www.intel.com/embedded/051/index.html

    S. Joel Katz's web page
        - http://www.panix.com/stimpson/micro.html
        - information about 8051 and related microcontrollers
        - not much information yet, but it is increasing rapidly

    Mike Miller's 8051 Home Page
        - http://www.ece.orst.edu/serv/8051/
        - pointers to other 8051 pages
        - contains html copy of this FAQ

    Nohau Elektronik AB
        - http://www.nohau.com/nohau

    Paul's 8051 Tools, Projects and Free Code
        - http://www.ece.orst.edu/~paul/8051-goodies/goodies-index.html
        - page contents: AS31 Assembler
                         PAULMON 8051 Family Monitor/Debugger
                         Low-Cost 8051 Development Board Designs
                         8051 Code Library
                         Atmel 89C2051 in-circuit programmer

        - http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/ps/philips17.html

        - http://www.teleport.com/~rhowden
        - New Site - products and pricing

    Richard Grant's 8051 Based Vario
        - http://cougar.stanford.edu:7878/RGvario/vario.html
        - Hang-Gliding/Paragliding WWW server. The application is an
          8751 based variometer (used by pilots to indicate the rate of
          ascent or descent). It includes schematics and assembly
          language source.

    Standard Microsystems Corporation
        - http://www.smc.com

    Steve Merrifield's 8051 home page
        - http://www.ee.latrobe.edu.au/postgrad/steve/8051.html

3.3) Mailing lists

    Philips-News@InetBSystems.us.com - Email (not ftp)
        - send Email with "subscribe" in the subject field to be put
          on list for newsletter
    Philips-archive@InetBSystems.us.com - Email (not ftp)
        - send Email message with the word "help" in the subject line to
          learn how to access the archive
    Philips-forum-request@InetBSystems.us.com  - Email (not ftp)
        - send an Email message with the word "subscribe" in the subject
          line to participate in the forum, and receive usage
          instructions and guidelines
    Philips-Info@InetBSystems.us.com - Email (not ftp)
        - send Email message to get information on all of Philips Email

3.4) BBSs

    The following BBSs have 8051 information:

    AM Research
        - (916)652-7117

    Blue Earth Research
        - support for their line of microcontroller boards
        - (507)387-4007

    Circuit Cellar, Inc.
        - contains code from their magazine articles and from the
          original Circuit Cellar articles in Byte magazine, also
          contains many other interesting items
        - GOOD STUFF HERE!
        - The BBS is mentioned in the masthead of each issue (on the
          table of contents page).  Excerpts from the BBS appear in Ken
          Davidson's ConnecTime column in every issue with a description
          of how to access the system at the end of every column.
        - (203)871-1988
        - Voice: (203)875-2751
        - Fax: (203)872-2204

    Crossware Products
        - +44 763 261716

    Dallas Semiconductor
        - Support for their line of innovative products

    Dunfield Development Systems
        - support for their Micro-C compiler and development tools
        - includes a lot of nice goodies - CHECK THIS OUT!
        - (613) 256-6289

    Electronics Now
        - contains code from their magazine articles
        - (516)293-2283
        - 1200/2400, 8N1

    Intel American Marketing Applications Support Bulletin Board System
        - 16 lines, hi-speed modems (14.4K)
        - Lots of useful info and files (including design examples)!
        - Full ANSI-BBS with color is recommended, but support for just
          about all terminal types is provided
        - (916)356-3600 (24 hours)
          Auto config: 1200 thru 14.4K Baud
          8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop

    Hi-Tech Software
        - +61 7 3300 5235 (Australia)

    Iota Systems, Inc.
        - Support for their line of hardware and software products
        - 15 application notes which show how to hook up such things as
          clocks, A/D, D/A, and special chips to the 8051
        - (702)831-4732

    Jens Holm's electronics BBS:
        - one of a number of BBSs that are networked over most of the
          industrial part of Europe
        - +45-86-510356 (Denmark)
        - distributes all shareware and freeware software which
          relates to electronics
        - system administrator - Jens Holm
          jholm@bjarke.nrg.dtu.dk or Jens.holm@asgaard.dk

    Massilia Underground BBS (Marseille, France)
        - +33-91794120
        - fidonet 2:323/25
        - not a commercial BBS
        - microcontroller related stuff (assemblers, debuggers,
          boards, etc), some 8051 stuff
        - everything coming in is tested

    Micro Computer Control Corporation
        - (609)466-4117

    Philips Semiconductor - Europe
        - support for: standard logic, programmable logic,
          in-car electronics (now open), 8 and 16 bit microcontrollers,
          I2C software, third party software, discrete semiconductors,
          cross assemblers (general), RF (planned)
        - PHIBBS is located in the Netherlands: +31-40-721102
        - maximum 21600 baud / V42bis / HST/Vterbo
        - 24 hours a day available
        - Help desk: +31-40-722749  (9.00 AM - 16.00 PM CET)

    Philips Semiconductor - North America
        - support for their 8051 variants
        - contains many good source code items
        - partially mirrored on ftp.pppl.gov and nic.funet.fi
        - (800)451-6644 or (408)991-2406

        - support for their line of simulators and assemblers
        - (804)873-4838

    Realtime Control & Forth Board (RCFB)
        - Forth and assembly for the 8051
        - 300 through 14.4 baud
        - (303)278-0364 (24 hours)

    Systronix Inc.
        - support for their line of development tools
        - (801)487-2778

3.5) Help available!

    This is a new feature in the FAQ.  Listed here are individuals who
    have expressed interest in helping others with hardware and software
    problems for 8051 systems.

    Does any one else out there think that they can help?  Just let me
    know what your areas of specialization are and I'll add your name to
    the list.  Thanks!

    Dick Barnett 
       Specializes in 8051 (core processors), 80C552, and 87C751

    Mark Hopkins 
       Mark is the author of the CAS assembler and of the 8051.ZIP
       programs.  He's now working on JOLT, a code generator with a
       C-like syntax.  His areas of specialization include:
       multitasking, interrupts, basic stuff (like addressing, memory
       spaces), the 8052 BASIC chip, interfacing the chip with external
       inputs and outputs

    Hans Schou 
       Hans is offering his assistance to users of the Standard
       Microsystems Corp. COM20051.  He's not an expert, but he has some
       experience with it.

    Neville Miles 
       Applications and programming the Intel 8051.  He's also using
       Atmel parts if you need help with these.

       Steve has designed hardware and written software for the Atmel
       AT89C1051, Intel 87C52, and Philips 87C751, and has also built a
       programmer for the Atmel AT89C1051. He knows both hardware and